small buddha

This is my daughter Pearl and me in 2004. She was a Buddha then. She’s changed (though she’s still fabulous). Naturally I have not changed at all. Anicca can’t touch this. (At least not if I don’t update my website photos.)

I write books applying Buddhism to everyday life. I also write scholarly things; you can find several of those in NOT. After my first book, my publicist began calling me “practically Buddhist.” I like that because it’s not only accurate when it comes to my religious affliation, it’s accurate when it comes to the grit of life.

I’ve now written five books (okay, two were co-written with BJ Gallagher and one of those was a much-revised edition of the first; let’s say I’ve written 3.75 books). The first one went a bit viral (and that was back before things “went viral”). The most recent has—I am deeply proud of this—a forward from the Dalai Lama.

I also teach religious studies courses at Cal State LA. Come on down and take one! If you want to know more about me, here you go. Meanwhile, read the more interesting bits on this site, if you like. Comment on a post or email me: franz [at] Say hi. Read a koan. Go hug someone. It’s your precious human birth, after all. Theirs too!